Betsy M.

Rumi’s poem touched my soul…the part of me that houses my creative spirit…my inner muse.

Creating my art is the bedrock of my being. It is my lifeline, especially in bad times. Being connected to my inner muse is as essential as the air I breathe. 


1.Continue to weave as if there is no tomorrow…To me, this means arranging day to day life around my weaving; not my weaving around day to day life. 

2. Continue to look at life through the zillions of tiny bits and pieces that make it what it is and infuse my work with its essence.

3.Take the time to document what these weavings mean to me as I work on them.

 My first collection, LIVING IN A TIME WARP: GEE’S BEND REVISITED, came about as the     result of seeing an exhibit and learning about the GEE’S BEND QUILTERS.

4. Keep working on a body of work (Collection) until my spirit moves on to experiment and start the next one…on and on …and on.

5. Continue to have my work professionally framed and professionally photographed and submit to my page in the arts council website.  

 6.Build a website/ blog, perhaps with participation of others. It seems like such a time sucker to do it well on my own.

7. Seek out others who are visionaries / gifted in their own mediums and get inspiration from them / join their stream of creativity.

8. Speak up and encourage timid, talented artists. Let them know how special their work is.