Pat N.

My strategy for continuing the progress I have made in this class to follow the specific intentions I have written below.

Finish the quilt I started during this class. Yesterday and today, I painted fabric for my quilt after spending two weeks trying to make commercial fabric work to create a sunrise and sunset. Now I need to piece it together and embellish, which I intend to work on this weekend. This will be fun!

I plan to spend time in my studio every day for 1 -4 or more hours. Creating art quilts and organizing.

Next on my list is to organize/ clean out my studio. I have a new mantra: store or throw! And I have a lot of good stuff to put away and a lot of stuff I can throw or donate. I need to clean off my desk by putting things away. My 2 worktables are full of fabric and other stuff which need to be stored or thrown. Will do an inventory of my fabric as my taste has changed and will give it to the local guild’s community service. It is really hard to get rid of stuff I still like but haven’t used in 13 years. Will clean off the space in front of my threads on an 8’ table. Yes, I have a lot of thread and couching cords. Another area to clear is my UFO table under my flannel board. I have a bad habit of just dropping stuff on a surface because I am in a hurry to do something else and it piles up. Have to stop that habit!

I have really enjoyed this class as it has helped me get back on track. My art quilts are rather simple but will get better as I play more. I know with lots of practice anyone can improve. I have done it twice in other arenas of quilting. CST has given me the realization I can! I am so happy we can refer back to your comments, they are so insightful for me and make me think on a different level. For that I thank you so much.