Robin F.


Making a concrete plan when I start something new, without going to the studio first. Writing it down.

I would like to develop a series of quilts based on the seasons, in pictorial and abstract. Not too big, 18 by 36,

then there is chance of finishing all of them.

Write down what it is I want to do. When the idea is written 

down it is more formed and concrete. 

To continue making art that makes my heart sing. 

Starting a quilt for my sister from the pictures I took of the beautiful floors in the winter palace in St. Petersburg. It is in the design stage and I am setting a goal for working on the piece by the end of summer.

I have enjoyed the open studio very much, hearing the stories, realizing we are all on the same journey. It would be good to continue to keep in touch. Thank you Jane for the insight and thoughtfulness. It has been a thought provoking ride.