Rita H.

Strategy :

It is the ACT of creating that is important, not always the finished product.  Now I intend to take care of what I need to do practically, as well as keep a portion of my time meant for art play.  It doesn’t always need to be all or nothing, one or the other.  I accept that making art is part of me and honoring that will keep me whole. 

At this moment I don’t know what my weekly schedule looks like, but, I know once this class has ended, then the real work begins. I have given permission to myself to do the work. I intend to SCHEDULE time in my studio each week and honor that . 

I mentioned earlier committing to a series, and that is still my intention to explore this series.  Through all the writing I have two other series in mind, the idea of Family, and the concept of Home. This time, I will write about it and use the tools especially in Lesson 7 to do the “pre” planning before I get out what I think I may need.  I saw in that lesson how approaching a project can change just by writing and thinking and using the tools for looking at a subject in different ways.  Very excited about this.

What this program has done for me:

I am right now organizing my studio stuff for the first time in years.  This is so much more important that I understood.

This class has brought me to my studio to do all of the reading, writing, emoting, thinking.  All the energy of this class is now embedded here, and has made this a new home, My home.

I now have the courage to introduce my self as an artist, and not be so open about everything I do, just to get approval.  I feel more comfortable in my skin, living my own life, and understanding that others don’t really care about what I do. Not in a negative way.

I want to thank Jane and all who participated, I learned from each of you, and appreciate the courage it takes to share.  I feel more connected to the thread of other artists now, especially learning that we have more in common than I may have thought initially. Will see you all on FB eventually with my own work.