Marilyn H.

This has been the most wonderful course and came at just the right time for me.  I feel as though I am at the beginning of a new, more confident path which is very exciting.

Strategies for continued strength and growth

  • Spend time revisiting the lessons, reading the essays and poems again, reading what I wrote and summarizing how I have progressed since then.  What have I learnt about myself and how I work?  Reading everyone’s entries, they are all so valuable but it has been so difficult to do this thoroughly each week.
  • Keep my journal going.  Writing everyday – whatever it is.  Thoughts, observations, verse, lists, notes about exhibitions or articles.  I like the idea of an online type diary for each day so will look into that.
  • Read through my journal each week, look back at what has been going through my mind as this will feed into my practice.
  • Now that I have closed my dressmaking business, I need to set a time frame for clearing that room of all the stuff so that I can use it as a functional studio space.
  • Then I am going to buy a loom so that I can get the weaving up and running.  It won’t replace my current work but will add to it.
  • Each week plan when I will spend time in the studio, give myself pre arranged time slots and stick to them. This time will include play time, experimental time, writing and researching time, working on the current project.
  • Consider how I can begin to develop a real series of work.

I have been developing a piece that I started a few weeks ago which related to the ‘obsessive’ idea.  I took an off cut of calico and decided to stitch a row for each year of my life - 63 lines of stitch.  This actually didn’t take long, and I really enjoyed doing it, getting back into stitching again.  I didn’t want to stop so I decided to stitch a piece to represent each year of my life:- 62 rows, 61 rows, 60 rows and so on.  Each piece of cloth is the same size, the smooth unstitched cloth is a metaphor for the part of life that has still to be lived.  At the age of 1 I will have one row of stitch and the rest of the cloth will be new, representing the new life that is waiting to be imprinted with myself.

While I was in Bath stewarding our exhibition, I took the opportunity to try out the pieces that I have completed on the wall to see how they would look.  Here they are.  I have got back to 50 now!

I plan to complete this piece. 

I feel confident that I now have the strategies to fall back on should I need them and that by journaling, thoughts and ideas will emerge and be recorded for future use.  I hope some of us can keep in touch and who knows, an exhibition may come out of it!