Gail G.


  1. Commit to daily “visits” to The Work: acknowledge it makes me happier and healthier, that it is my choice.
  2. Take part in the exhibition next April to start new work: starts with meeting next week in my house.
  3. Plan time use, with lists and reading and other work: end April (nb: consider morning--peace!, or afternoons; which is more important, earning money or textile work?)
  4. Start series (or several): end April
  5. Get website up and running: end of May
  6. Explore “selling” and “hangings” (which will not sell, but want to do); end of May
  7. Get cards reprinted: June
  8. Explore 2.5D work: by July
  9. Negotiate with work on time commitment for next academic year: end of July.
  10. Review and make decisions on personal priorities, i.e. decide whether to retire and do textile work, or combine the two: by end of September
  11. Work towards a studio, either an extension or a shed in the garden, at the very least one room to myself: by October
  12. Do monthly journal quilts and traveling books; ongoing.

NB: achievements through the Programme:

  1. cleared out a lot of stuff
  2. re-engaged with MY work
  3. gratefully realised others are doing the same
  4. courage to continue
  5. guidance which works
  6. support for working with areas I am not normally able to access, e.g. spiritual and life-changing
  7. acknowledgement of a personal responsibility to do what I should.

So thanks to Jane’s course for all of that!  and the brave disclosures of others; although I have not managed to keep up for all the weeks, I do now have access to looking at the programme and reminding myself of how to keep going.  And it was wonderful to hear others’ affirming, in these difficult times (politically and personally), that its good to feel part of a community across the world.

If it were possible to set up a network to keep in contact that would be even better!

Many thanks.

With love and appreciation.

Gail Griffith