Tineke H.

Firstly, Thank you Jane for a great course and Zenna, for posting my assignments .

My strategy will be to write in my workbookeach day noting ideas as they come along.

To refer to the excellent notes we have acquired over the ten weeks a lot of the time.

My intentions are 1: to make better use of my time in the evenings.

            2: to do one drawing a day

             3: to master my Photoshop Ellements 11

I have committed myself to run another “ SALA “ with three other artists during the month of August 

“SALA”  stands for South Australian Living Artists and is run throughout the State by artists and artist groups which allows the general public free access to come and view what artists are producingin either private or public spaces. My studio is ideal for four artists to display their art works. Although Tineke’s Studio is off the beaten track, we had a reasonable number of visitors last year. We will most likely call our exhibition “Hung, Drawn and Quartered” as we will each have a quarter of the studio space.

During these last few weeks I have started my new project by dying cotton recycled sheet strips with walnut husks ( in the southern hemisphere walnuts ripen and drop in April having fought off sulphur crested Cockatoos as well as a thousand screaming Corellas)….I have also been trying to teach myself illuminated lettering for the capital letters I want to use in the booklet.

I am happy to keep in touch with anyone by e mail, as I think you all do amazing work and I am glad to have met you on line, I am not keen on facebook.

My e mail address is: tinekehazel@hotmail.com.