Sarah S.

The end of this course finds me extremely well equipped to move forward with a completely new mindset.  Thanks to the fascinating, thought provoking lessons and amazing posts of my contemporaries on this course, I have been able to see myself as part of a caring artistic community - real people with issues of confidence about thier work, regardless of experience and I have emerged feeling as though I have a right to be here, thank you!  

My intentions:

  • Rebel!  That's my favourite... its so important for me to prioritise chores and the dreaded coffee mornings in order to find time for myself.  I shall be finding at least 3 mornings a week to 'show up' and work.  The thoughts of what I want to be creating are pretty much always with me, making sorting the laundry much more bearable!!
  • Start to see myself as a textile artist - I'm seeing that having confidence in oneself and what one does is half the battle.
  • Putting work out there.  I have enjoyed sharing what I have made with you. I'm currently starting a mini quilt using the wax fabrics I bought in Africa earlier this year which I hope to enter into a magazine competition.  Apparently all entries will be shown at the festival of quilts in Birmingham later this year, so I'm really excited about that.  It all feels like part of the validation process.

I have only ever wanted to make things which I love - the beach, stillness, calming pieces, so I shall continue with that theme, perhaps that will change, but it will change as I do, I shall be mindful to make things which feel true to me.