Kate H.

Strategy for continuing and strengthening my progress

Continue writing

  • Making thoughts concrete
  • Exploring around them

I have found that this process not only finds real solutions but also helps to find accurate questions.

Unfinished business

I have 3 UFOs to complete

  • An embroidery
  • A weaving
  • A rag rug wall covering

The rest can be recycled, I have moved on. I am going to complete them quickly – closure. Weaving now complete.

Continue with my research, alongside my students, into printing with natural dyes. Progress this work with particular attention to new mordants, modifiers as paste and alpaca felt.

Design for Rod and Karoliina workshop. Progressing my shell and Aboriginal designs into abstract pieces that are meaningful. Do the workshop and take it from there.

Make a large alpaca piece based on one of the grieving lily drawings. A piece purely for me, no spinning plates. The next sonnet.

Keep healthy – spiritually, socially, physically – to enable creativity. New discovery - I sleep better when I have been weaving, so this needs to be a higher priority in my creative regime.