Jamila I.

As I noted earlier in the course, I was surprised to discover that after a whole working life of planning, programming, monitoring and evaluation, and thus general accountability for what I was doing and managing, I had not transferred these valuable skills and experiences into my creative life. This led to the recent introduction of a simple and achievable weekly plan so that I can feel that I’m progressing and achieving things right now, rather than just aiming for a completed body of work at some distant point in the future, perhaps years hence.

So, it feels very timely to establish a broader statement of intent, building on and further developing what I’ve learned and gained from this course, and I’m now very clear about the direction of my personal journey of creative and spiritual development. I like lists, so these are my intentions (in no particular order) :

·         Continue with my weekly achievable action plan

·         Keep writing and reflecting

·         Stick to my own creative agenda and not allow myself to be blown off-course

·         Maintain confidence and momentum in what I’m doing

·         Ongoing real-time documentation of my creative and spiritual journey

·         Keep focused on the present and the future, not looking back

·         Only have in my studio what I need for the projects at hand, and likewise only purchase      what I need or know I will use

·         Maintain and further develop relationships with a few very special kindred spirits

This is the first time since I started this particular creative journey nearly six years ago that I have felt so clear, confident and focused about what I want to achieve, and how to achieve it – I can’t thank you enough, Jane, for your all your support and encouragement; also many thanks to fellow participants for their honesty and generosity of spirit, it has been a wonderful learning experience.

The photo is of a small section of one of three panels which will together form a 3D piece of work for my diploma course, inspired by 16th century Persian lamp stands. The base was built with undyed silk organza, and silk and cotton fabric patches, which was then dyed; additional layers of hand dyed coloured areas were added and the whole surface was covered with blocks of free machine zigzag stitch. I’m currently working to add textured layers of hand stitching on top of this surface. Blues and oranges are my favourite colours!