Jane P.

Strategy for continuing forward:

1. Spend at least 2 full days in the studio a week.

2. Allocate 1/2 hour per day to sketchbook, drawing and writing ideas.

3. Get back into the habit of carrying a small sketchbook at all times.

4. Sketchbook/ideas/writing to be based upon the area where I live.

5. Sort out my mess of a photo library and catalogue.

Throw out any photographs not up to scratch!!.

6. To produce a series of wall hangings/pictures related to No. 4. with the aim of exhibiting next year.

7. Re-visit and brush up on screen, digital, mono-, lino-, and gelli printing techniques.

8. Keep the studio under control!! I can be messy so Friday afternoon's should revert back to tidying the weeks mess up!

9. Put this list on the studio wall to remind me to stay on course!!.

10. It is good to create and it makes you happy, satisfied and content......housework and cleaning does not!

It is time to give the space and time to do things for yourself!

I have not created anything new while doing the course, as I have been designing my daughter's wedding dress.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to share this until September! So I have shared one of the last pieces I made before I 

started the course.

This piece was inspired by a walk along Seasalter Beach.