Ellen R.

Thank you so much Jane for these past 10 weeks! This has been a very valuable process. I truly feel I can move forward with more confidence.  In fact, just last night I was at one of my husbands dreaded work dinners and the inevitable "so what do you do" conversation came up. Instead of down playing my work and changing the subject as soon as possible I chanted the "I am fascinating" mantra in my head as I told the table a little about tapestry weaving - and they were actually interested! They were off onto other subjects pretty quick, but I did not feel dismissed for a change - because I did not dismiss myself. It felt good. My heart raced a bit and it doesn't feel natural yet to claim the "artist" mantle, but it was definitely a step in the right direction.

I have two intentions, or goals, moving forward:

Intention 1: improve control and mastery of process

Intention 2: produce work consistently and steadily

These are my strategies

1. Work in the studio for some amount of time at least 5 days per week (daily if at all possible) with a goal of weaving 20 hours per week or more on consistent basis.  I will:

·      Schedule work time on the calendar and stick to the schedule

·      Use the App “Time Jot” to track hours

·      Schedule one full day per week for creative play, drawing, and design time

·      End of every studio day with journaling/writing.  Write down the plan for the next day and record any other ideas that developed over the course of the day for future follow up

·        Always have two pieces in progress. Avoid any periods of not having a project on the loom.  Work through being stuck about the next piece on the weekly creative play days.

2. Enter exhibitions consistently to the extent work is available.

·      Holds accountable for producing work and provides an incentive

·      Forces full completion of work from finishing/mounting through photography

·      Builds the CV and portfolio for future website

The attached image shows a small detail of a tapestry I have been working on during this class. It is an image of beach grass at sunset that I was trying to get done in time to enter an exhibition themed "Pacific Time Zone."  But I've realized over the course of CST that this piece does NOT align at all with my past work or what I want to do in the future. I honestly don't know what I was thinking when I started this piece. It is not 'me' at all! It won't be done in time to enter the show, and thats ok because it kind of sucks. It is serving a purpose though because I am quite rusty in my weaving and I need more "reps" to build back my strengths, technically speaking. Also, I think I've learned an important lesson about staying true to what matters to me!

I wish everyone all the best for a creative future! It was a pleasure to get to know all of you who posted. I'll see you on Facebook!