Tjitske W.

My plan

1.       I want to go on making, which means I will go to my studio and 'make' at least four days a week. This can be half an hour or two or three hours, all depending on the work itself and on other commitments.

2.       I need to be in touch with other artists to share some of what I am doing and see what others are doing. I'm not quite sure yet how I want to give shape to this intention. It needs some more thinking and/or looking round.  But the promise in point 4 may go some way towards realising this intention.

3.       I want to take up photography and have taken steps to find the right camera and the right course to develop my abilities. I will go on with that and will buy my camera within the next few months and will do my course within the next year.

4.       I promise myself that I will do an online course regularly (say, at least once a year) as I know that I always feel excited and inspired by a good course. This may also be a way of being in touch with other artists (my point 2).

5.       The main thing I intend to do is to go looking if I find that excitement is no longer there. I now know it can be found again.

Note: I do want to use writing but I can't quite figure out the specifics yet, so this is something I need to give some more thought to.

My work

A couple of weeks ago I started on a project which to me feels in complete alignment with who I am and what I'm about as a 'maker' at the moment. It is my take on the colour wheel. The finished product will be a star-shaped book with 6 pages, blue, yellow, red, orange, green and purple,  hanging freely in space, with a tassel  hanging down from it consisting of 6 tiny books. Each page in the big book will have a line from a poem which for me epitomises the particular colour. In the blue one showing here it's a line from Sylvia Plaths 'Winter Trees'. Each page in the tiny tassel books will show the association each of my six grandchildren has with that particular colour.

This project contains so much which I love: fabric dyeing and printing, hand stitching, collage, text, book structure, and the link to my family.

Jane and Zenna and everyone here on the course: thank you so much for a really inspiring journey. I find it pretty amazing that we have met each other here and have opened our -artistic- hearts to each other.