Jackie K.

For me a number of quotes stand out this week:

In the William Stafford poem: “There is a thread you follow………………………….while you hold it you can not get lost”

And Starhawk: “Every day do something good that is good only for you” - because only then are you able to help others.

So my intentions:

Never to lose the thread- and to put this poem on my studio wall to remind me.

Keep showing up – make sure I ALWAYS make time for myself in the studio.

Keep the studio organised enough that even within my limited space my creative work is always visible and accessible so even if I don’t have much time I can go and look at it and think about it.

Keep writing – even if, or perhaps especially when, I am less sure where to next.

Keep the notes from this course easily available so if I need I can refer back to – and know that it is OK to ebb and flow between where I am in the continuum when other life puts the pressure on.

I have attached 2 images which fit with alignment for me.

 “Betty” is a portrait of my mother – loads of potential for more work in this line bouncing around in my head.

And the other is “Genome 1” – 1 because it is my first foray into the scientific side of me and family which I mentioned in my personal summaryandbecause this is just a first go and I am already working on 2 with plenty more refinements . Genome as it is exploring family and inheritance and includes digitised sequences from DNA and an embroidery derived from DNA (much manipulated!).