Ann-Marie L.

I keep trying but can’t find the words  for lesson ten, so here is my last shot!  I have mostly worked out my strategies…two are most important to me.  The first I called,  “Doing Less to Get More Done”.  I have been doing everything in my life (including art) for the last few years frenetically.  I am stretched in too many directions.  I need to slow down and follow my bliss, and practice letting go.  The second strategy is “Contemplation/Reflection”.  I need to devote as much time to thinking and writing, looking and understanding as to actual making.  I want to be present to every moment of everyday, without judgment,  without rushing to get to the next thing.  I need to observe myself.

I have enjoyed everyone’s posts very much and appreciate and admire the honesty and beauty of these stories.  Many thanks to Jane for crafting a wonderful training that offers practical strategies  for both artistic growth and personal insight.  Thank you for your support and guidance and for sharing this CST tribe.