Michele K.

At the end of that workshop, I have made the following list :

1 - About what I have started to do during the course and want to continue doing

  • organising my samplers and trials, which were lying in drawers, sewing or gluing them in a notebook, with a explanation of how they were made, or giving a better presentation to the ones I like best.
  • writing each week a list of the things I need to do for the every day life and what I want to do, in relation with my textile work and my others artistic interests
  • finishing some pieces "in progress" (!) for too long time / or getting rid of them for good.

2- About writing

  • write regularly, not only to get more efficient for my textile work but also to get clearer about what I am looking for.

3- More generally :

  • Take more time for what interest me in the line of arts, be careful of "protecting" my own time. Be more organised and make a better use of my time.

Here is a trial piece I made last month. A sampler for a work about gardens I am planing to make.

Très bonne année à toutes, amicalement, Michèle