Sue K.



Make a schedule that starts with plenty of studio time;

then fit all the other stuff in around it.

Prepare in advance to have full days at home without having to leave the house.

Make a to do list and use it. Include short and long-term goals.


Keep a journal and write something every day, even if only a single word. 

Continue design and color studies and sketching; at least one session a week.


Limit online “recreational” time. Turn off computer noises. 

De-clutter; every time you open a box, look at the contents with a critical eye. 

Get rid of the superfluous items; thin the herd of sewing machines.


Use what you have. 

There is enough. 

Nothing comes in unless something goes out.


Walk daily.

Read more books.

Take meditation breaks.

Learn to say “no” - limit new commitments.


Since we are fully involved in the Christmas holiday in my family, I intend to launch into these commitments in earnest on Boxing Day, December 26. I’m excited - that’s less than a week away! In honor of that, I am sharing a small piece that I completed on Boxing Day last year, as part of a year-long commitment to make one small piece per week. I wish everyone all the blessings of the season, and for success and fulfillment on your creative journey.