Jane M.

2017 statement

In preparation for making new series of work

  • Scour and mordant all cotton/ linen fabrics in stash
  • Wash all silk fabrics
  • Review fibre stash
  • Make hanks if silk threads and heavy cotton threads
  • Make batches cotton silk wool fibres yarns and threadsetc
  • Dye 100g batches with yellow onion, red onion, alder cones, walnuts , avocado skins , elderberries, marigold.
  • Before end January
  • Do design for new pieces of work . Revisit sites
  • make minimum three pieces preferable five piece in series. To be ready by end of April.
  • Shibori dye scarfs for exhibition in Scarborough , plus jacket deadline end February. Dye at same time batches above.
  • Write up for felt matter. Dead line 5th January.
  • Do lichen dye tests
  • Keep blogging

And the finished piece that I cut up during the program , changed from a piece I was keeping in the cupboard to one I'd be happy to display.