Sharon C.

My Intentions

This class has been great because it forced me to “think about creating”—which I’m hoping will help me continue to grow as a textile artist.  To me, that translates to exploring and developing new techniques.  I love creating; it’s my favorite morning activity.  

I’m not very good at committing—especially to specific things—and therefore tend to like my goals unprioritized and open-ended.  And making this list is about as committal as I can get without feeling pressured.  I will, however, copy the list and post it in a prominent place in my studio so I am reminded of my goals or accomplishments.  As a textile artist, the following is a list of areas I’d like to explore or things I’d like to accomplish during the next several years.  

  1. Continue experimenting with and/or developing new techniques
  2. Develop an outline for possible booklet about the simplified techniques I’ve developed for digital surface design—explore if worth submitting for publication someplace
  3. Submit quilts to at least two juried shows each year
  4. Continue striving toward “my idea” of perfection
  5. Evaluate why I do not like the several quilt tops I have not quilted and either come up with a fix or find another use for—there was surely something about them I liked to begin with
  6. Continue to explore using paper and/or alternative materials in quilts 
  7. Create more smaller pieces for Etsy Shop
  8. Post on blog/website more frequently—perhaps even putting together tutorials
  9. More digital work

This class has been just about 3 months, and during that time I have or worked on or completed several projects.  I’ve included three that stand out the most.  They each include some digital work.  The first (A) is a quilt I have partially quilted in which I used a lot of digital creations about sunflowers.  In case you couldn’t tell, I love sunflowers.  The second (B) is another sunflower-themed wall hanging I created and quilted in a short period of time because each piece fabric was my own digital creation.  That was something I’d been wanting to do for a while.  And the third (C) quilt is a project still on my design wall, and I’m still contemplating final placement.  I have been taking apart layers and adding more color.