Darlynn E.

        The past nine weeks have been about growth. Not only in my art journey but in the journey of life. I have inadvertently learned the reasons why I prefer and do certain things. It has been an eye opener.

         I have been looking for a strategy for strengthening and continuing my art journey for some time. This class was what I needed to push me along the way. I have been able to formulate the following plan to keep me on the right track.

  • Work in the studio every day I am home. Even if I only have an hour.
  • Always have some project ready to go.
  • I don’t have to finish one idea before I begin another.
  • Keep a running Journal of ideas and thoughts.
  • Do small (8 X11”) projects to test new techniques or ideas. Keep in plastic sheets in binders to be able to refer back to. Practice working in all the elements of design until I feel confident in my abilities.
  • See if I can find a friend that wants to begin small Journaling projects so that we can share.
  • Create a series of quilts along a theme or technique I love.

Thank you so much Jane for your inspiration and sharing of your strategies for success.