Landreth H.

I am back to my long arm ... stitching. It is right again ... I don't see the needle but the thread line ... where it is going ... pen in hand drawing! I know I have grown during our time together and it feels good. Twice in the past I have been part of interventions for others who are in need of change and surprisingly, this class has been that for me. We have been on our solitary journeys and yet with others there to back us and to share their searching ... what a tremendous support. And a powerful incentive to keep on showing up!!!

The last weeks my arthritis has been severe enough holding a pen wasn't possible ... yet the slight vibration of the needle stitching and the fluid movements have been just enough to allow me to ignore my bodies complaints. I am back working on a large piece ... and a series of twelve quite small related stitchings.  Sigh!

Artists Strength Training is the perfect description for this course! I remember at the beginning Jane described our need to be that of an athlete, creating and enhancing muscle and body strength. Plus developing the most important ... stamina. Yah!?!!  I couldn't imagine how we could even define and identify those specifically to artists.  Or that Jane could teach the class as a whole and yet each one of us individually ... challenging to our personal needs.

She did it!!! We did it!!!

I have a stronger understanding now of who I am as my artist self, my hearts work and that I must continue to identify how to make that happen. And then to what to do when I need added tools and resources, and ... that it is okay to walk away from or seek out others to stay strong and focused. My committee of choice ... now includes a positive me! I will show up!

Suzanne said it best for me " Create the work first and then find the audience." In the past I have been easily distracted from my work with other art projects or sharings. For the next two months I will work with intent. I will only work on what is on my list and in the order I have as priority. I may have three pieces in progress but no more until each is finished. Then I will commit to the next two months. The exploration I want to do is complex and diverse with a very specific focus. See you in six months and yes I will show my work!

Thank you each one of you! I am proud of us for how we have jumped, explored, and been vulnerable as we worked this class. My respect is huge and I am grinning with the sharing we have experienced! To Zenna ... our support .. always there for the best organized communications of any class I have ever been involved with ... you rock!! And thank you Jane. What a wise and learned woman you are. Not just in what you know but because you are committed to my growth and learning. I have felt it in the diverse offerings and challenging push of your voice and writings. In so many ways you have given me the support to fight on, struggle on, be lost and find my way back and then to push me out of the comfort of our sharing ... with the trust that I am strong and able to be my artist self.   Wow!!!