Yda W.

I feel I have gained some profound insights from doing the AST course 

  1. The first week's brief led me to write three autobiographical pieces - they flowed out of me relatively easily, and I so loved the process. It was such a revelation. I have never written much before and it felt like the beginning of something new. I would like to find a way to make writing part of my creative process.
  2. Time in the studio is precious,  vital, and must be protected. I can allow myself to get caught up in the production issues of our studio, and I must resist this as much as possible and stay in my studio to do MY work. 
  3. I want to spend more time in the studio doing work that is personal - I have had this desire for a while, but when I made the textile map in Week 1 , it became clear to me that the landscape of my childhood is a place that I need to go back to - Im not sure why but it feels very compelling to me. 

Thank you Jane for creating this wonderful course. Life got in the way a bit but I still feel like I experienced some wonderful insights , had new thoughts, and loved seeing and reading everyone's work and words in response to the week's brief. 


Thank you and good luck to all of you - lets all make that studio time for ourselves and I think its a wonderful idea to have  a 'show and tell' in 6 months time. 

I have already shown my birds which is what I began during the course - and then  I've been too busy with production for our Xmas rush and that project has had to wait, but here is a product I designed just before the course began that Im pleased with.