Michelle P.

In Flight

The past ten weeks of my life can be compared to the journey of an Eaglet. The Eaglet accomplishes many skills in the first ten to twelve weeks of their life ….

At two weeks it is possible to hold their head up - Creative Stamina/Get Comfortable with writing 

At three weeks they are a foot high and their beaks are nearly an adult size – Your rebel & rule breaking 

At weeks four and five, the Eaglets can stand and began tearing up their own food – Dismantle your committee 

At six weeks they are nearly as large as their parents – Exploring limitations 

In the nest, the eaglets stretch their wings and hop, gaining strength and balance as they grow – Learning to Make and Take time

At weeks seven and eight, the appetites of the young birds are at their greatest. As they are still being feed by their parents but they are beginning to stretch their wings in response to gusts of wind and may even be lifted off their feet for short periods – Alignment and making work distinctively your own

Between weeks ten and twelve the first flight takes place called fledging (this comes with practice and more practice) – I’m fascinating

For a short period of time they hang around the nest honing their flying and feeding skills – keeping in touch with their parents.  They will stay close to the nest and nest tree during the first few weeks after fledging – It’s a 10 weeks course.  How about 12 weeks?  But it’s time to go.

Within one month after fledging, eaglets will soar and drift over the water - Discovering Grace through Acts of Making by – Being your Authentic Artist Self.

This Artist Strength Training Class is my first official Art class.  All other classes were quilt classes but this class taught by an amazing instructor (Jane Dunnewold) along with talented classmates (other artists) is where I created a wonderful piece of Art “myself”. 

 As a result of this class, I’m back in the studio and enjoying every moment. Plus, I feel confident enough to submit an entry into SAQA where I am a member. This is my 2016 goal.  I have thoroughly enjoyed all the writings, comments, and creativity from my classmates.

Thank you to everyone and especially to Jane.  This is not good-bye…it’s a new beginning!


My strategy…..

Use my sketch book and camera to create the my pieces of Art (nature scenes and the visions in my head)

Write down my process (materials, size, etc., I will use to accomplish the piece)

Write down a brief description of each piece (this connects me to my art)

Work in a series

Use the recorder on my S6 cell phone when ideas and thoughts pop up in my head and I can’t write them down at the moment.  I recently discovered this when I was on a long drive.  I hit the recorder on my phone and talk while I was driving.  I like this process.  I can get thoughts down more quickly than I can write them.  Later, I listen to the recordings and type up my notes.

Make time in my studio by using a set schedule and no cell phones in the studio


  • I working on my first series
  • I‘m dying fabric again and experimenting with shout color catcher sheets
  • I ordered the correct paint to use on my PFD fabric
  • I found the right stabilizers that I have looked for almost a year in the same store where I shop.  I guess timing is everything.  I was not ready but now I am thanks to Jane. 
  • I have selected my photos for my series and started some of the descriptions
  • I continue to recognize the Committee and very quickly dismantle it. 
  • When life sets in, as it does, (my dad was just released from the hospital with pneumonia); I didn’t stop (I paused) and then picked up where I left off.