Nancy W.

I am sad to see this class end, and not to be awaiting the next lesson in my inbox on Wednesdays.  I have struggled at times with my Rebel when I work against myself, rebelling against some of the suggestions.  I have this problem with writing - I returned recently to The Artist's Way, and her suggestions of daily Morning Pages, each and every day, set off my Rebel "no way, not every day." That said, I have found first hand the usefulness of writing in this course, so I won't abandon the method completely.  

Key things that I learned:   In no particular order, I will list them here. 

1.  Writing is helpful

2. Cleaning out is HARD, but I will continue this practice too. Using what's here is something I enjoy doing, I have plenty and need to dig deep into my stash.

3.  My Committee is STRONG, but I have some new friends in there. 

4>  My daughter is a fabulous resource for brainstorming, ideas, discernment and encouragement. [She attended art school for college, and has art training,  she was intrigued when I told her that I was taking AST, and has been enormously helpful when I was stuck during the course.] 

5.  Creating and creativity is a spiritual practice for me, so I need to make sure that making does not become pressured or mundane, since I now am making to sell in a gallery. 

6.  I can honor the psychologist/psychoanalyst part of me without plunging into the dark.  I need joy to offset the hard, and I don't have to wholly identify with my work life. 

7.  I have content.  I was thinking in way too literal a way when I was trying to identify content at first.  My daughter recalled one of her professors saying "don't do what you always do - try to be more abstract with your ideas."

8.  I tend to become expansive with many new ideas rather than developing a focus.  But I can let go of things that I have tried and didn't like, or tried and realized "this is not for me" (for example, Polymer clay).  I can give away supplies and UFO;s that I was once excited about.  I have to admit that I wasted some money but now release this to someone else who might love it.  

Specific Intentions:  

1.  I will plan and execute a new woven piece with content as the centerpiece. 

       Actual content to be revealed at a later date

2.  I will continue cleaning and getting rid of things.  Use what I have will be my new mantra

3.  Finish up, use up, or give away things that I have in stock. Release stuff that I will not work with, or make plans to use what I have.  Get rid of failed UFO's (not everything I have completed is precious; some is horrible.)


  • I will write 2-3 times per week.  
  • use my journal to stay in alignment
  • sketch out some designs
  • list ideas and content. 

5. Pursue more practice in surface design, fabric painting, and silk painting.  I have the materials and the dyes, now I need to set aside the time to play and make messes.  Its just string (as a friend says prior to cutting off a "dog" on the loom.)

6.  I will be bold, make messes, play, experiment, learn, and allow myself to make mistakes, while I am also more intentional with the content piece that I am planning and will complete.  

Thank you Jane, and dear classmates. You have all been very honest and brave during this past 10 weeks.  I have appreciated reading and sharing while you did your personal work, and your kind encouraging words about mine.  I have gained a great deal from this experience!  

Thank you all

Nancy W