Mary G.

As one of the wonderful proverbs Jane provided, my house burned down in week 5. Figuratively of course, but I have yet to revel in a better view of the moon. It may come, but my life’s GPS is in the process of recalculating. This is not the path our joyous new retirement life was to be on; and yet it is.

When I was working, I thought that I couldn’t reach my creative potential because I was drained and had so little creative time. I had put pressure on myself to suddenly have inspired results when I retired. Oh, our instant gratitude culture….. Now my view of gratitude is different, and I am hoping art can be a refuge, and know that the writing habit from this course will be a big benefit.

What I learned, sweetcakes, is that any making, whether a great piece-of-my-heart or the g’awful calicos of the orphan blocks for a donation quilt, all put me in the studio, and set the stage for inspiration to strike. I am going to show up and work.  They might not all be masterpieces, but if they shine some light I will have succeeded. Holiday gifts on tap, and my quilted cards

The other items in my immediate plans are to focus on my wannabe skills and hone them. In addition, the items from week 7 will be a focus to help me able to see the beautiful moon again with my new view.  I know it is still there.

I did complete one new piece during this course, and the inspiration was set from the week one essay. I wrote about my brother, and what an art inspiration he is. After that essay, I had a design break through and the rest came together to my great satisfaction. He has a significant birthday next month, and the photo below is his birthday journal quilt. We have a celestial running joke, hence the intimation of moon phases, and each block honor his loves, his photography and metal art as a blacksmith and welder, and features rusted fabric and a film strip of a fun trip we had together.

I am sorry to have this course end. It gave me so much to look forward too, and stretched me in ways I didn’t foresee.  I so enjoyed the poems Jane, truly inspired selections.  Though we never met in the traditional sense, I really felt part of a shared community of women who are on journeys that intersected deeply with my own. Thank you all for being so honest in our safe zone together. I wish you all happiness and good health.