Faith V.

Don’t be afraid to stretch and try something new. 

…to experiment. 

…to build on the skills I have.

…to Engage the Rebel.

These past 10 weeks have been amazing. I’ve run the gamut of emotions, ups and downs, sorrow and joy.  At time I thought my head would explode but remained confident that the mental stretching and exercise was going to get me somewhere!

And it did.  The joy of working in the studio has returned.  I’ve been doing my best to get into that space (for me, our former garage) and spend some time there every day, much like an athlete, even if it’s to put things away. (It’s amazing how many ideas come into my head just by putting cones of yarn on my shelves. Perhaps I could try this …. Or that. 

In the past, many of these ideas would have been rejected.  Too much time, or energy, or whatever my excuse. 

Not now. 

And so, from here on, I won’t be afraid to try something new, at least once, whether it be a brand new woven structure, or just to take something I’m already familiar with and build on the original idea.

The biggest surprise of AST came when I started to distill my statement.  I’ve always liked opposites and somehow I want to show that in my work, but didn’t realize I was already doing it!   Shiny – dull, warm – cool, city – country, nature – man made, etc. This should give me a lot to chew on for quite awhile!

I’m attached some photos of my most recently created scarves.  Some are just simple plain weave, others employ a tapestry technique called clasp weft.  With both I fretted less and just ‘went with my gut’. And I had lots of fun.  And before I was even finished, I was thinking about what comes next. I had played it rather “safe” in the past but I let go a bit with these, all very different than anything I’ve done in the past.

The biggest change? I am not afraid to call myself an artist.  At a friend’s dinner table a few night ago, I said, “I am and artist…” without even thinking about it.

Thank you, Jane, for all the wonderful material you’ve presented and the support you given!  Thanks to everyone for the gift of sharing! I sincerely hope we will stay connected.

Photo # 1: Cotton plain weave and clasped weft (grey and white is clasped weft)

Photo #2: Cotton Tencel opposites

Photo #3: Clasped Weft Sampler