Diana A.

My, oh my, it is week ten and the journey has been mind-expanding. I feel my art muscle gaining strength. As I understand it muscles gain strength through exercising which causes small tears in the muscle. The joys and trials of working through the assignments caused small rips in my art muscle which ultimately gave me insight into where my art path is leading me. Thank you so much Jane.


  • Connect with others working in the medium as a way of keeping up yearlong dedication to work.
  • Focus on one idea in a series to help build skills.
  • Dedicate time and energy to each piece through to completion. (i.e. develop patience)
  • Pursue the art making for a full year, September to September.


  • Create a group of local fiberartists to gather monthly to share what we are working on.
  • Renew membership to SAQA and attend one or two regional meetings.
  • Connect with the regional Fiberarts Guild and attend a surface design meeting.
  • Dedicate three mornings a week to showing up in the studio.
  • Get sewing machine tuned up.
  • Keep a sketchbook handy to jot down ideas.
  • Start a blog or Instagram to document process of working. Also can upload photos of ideas.
  • Check on the web for opportunities to show work.
  • Further exploration of maps and what they mean psychologically and specifically to me.

Some activities I have already done toward this dedication to my art practice are:

  • Juried into local co-op art gallery
  • Signed up for 2 workshops with 2 of my fiber art heroes; Dorothy Caldwell and Fran Skiles.
  • Renewed membership in Columbia Fiberarts Guild.
  • Spent 2 months working on a fiber piece, tearing out stitches that didn’t work or were sloppy. Really used my seam ripper a lot. Three photos are included in this lesson. I enjoyed the process and prided myself on being patient and thinking the process and idea through. I have decided that the series I will dedicate myself to this year will be maps and self-exploration.