Sandy W.

Specific Intentions:  The Plan

  • Block out time to be in the studio
  • Create
  • Stay organized and modify the plan as needed
  • Keep the committee where they belong.
  • Take time to regenerate.
  • Have a wearable art garment ready for the California State Fair for 2016.  Deadline April 2016.
  • Follow up on my presentation portfolio for teaching.

The series of weeks has made me think a lot about what I do and how I approach it, it has been a somewhat long journey from sewing for my dolls to art quilts.  I have tried many techniques over the years and I am still learning but I feel good about what I’m doing now.  Color is my thing and life would be so dull without it – it makes my world good.

Thank you Jane and all who have shared with us.  An update on the fire and our week on the 100 pieces.  The flannel that I cut is being added to a comfort quilt for a friend of mine and another friend –our friend lost everything in the fire.

The 1st piece is in progress and the 2nd piece was made a couple of years ago.