Rayne V.


  1. My husband’s high school teacher is giving an art class at the end of May
  2. at a local library that I want to go to.
  3. I found 4 online classes on Craftsy. (Thank You Jane!)  The first one I will sign up for is The Art of the Picture Book.  The other three are about drawing characters.  The goal is that two book ideas The Rescue Series-Charlie’s story and Alomon the Dragon are finished books I can read out loud with a class.
  4. I have to start teaching full time but the thought of being an elementary teacher for the next 20 years is depressing.  I sent an email out to see what I would need for an art teaching certificate.  I could work as a elementary teacher as a stepping stone to teaching art for the next 20 or years. The unfinished crafts need done.  My mom’s afghan will be done in 1 week. I will give it to my stepdad for Easter.  The basket weave afghan will be done in 3 months and then I will put all this stuff away for now.