Margaret B.

My Christmas Dress

When I was little, I got to wear a few dresses that my mother wore as a girl. There were a couple of Liberty of London print dresses with smocking across the bodice, a girls folk costume from Sweden with hat, and my favorite a chocolate brown velvet dress, smocked with gold colored thread and a simple batiste collar.

It was a special dress to wear for special occasions like to my grandparents’ house on Christmas Eve. The house was decorated, votive candles in the windows, and lots of cousins and family from out of town. Everybody was dressed up for the occasion. I loved the feel of the velvet, so soft and light, and it was warm, her house was a little drafty. I thought it was beautiful and felt very special wearing it.I was very upset when it was too short and I could no longer stuff myself into that yummy chocolate dress. When I was in High School I tried making a velvet jumper with a vogue pattern, big buttons at the shoulders and a flared skirt. I loved the material as before but It didn’t have the charm or history as the smocked velvet dress. Maybe I should make a new dress of chocolate velvet and gold threads!