Lynda C.

I had a hard time trying to remember a cloth but I do remember a blue cotton fabric that I made for home ec with much help from my aunt.  My mother was not a sewer.  I remember the colour of the blue, like a clear sunny day but I don't remember the dress, just that it had a skirt and the colour of it.

After that memory I remembered  a wool skirt that was wrap around, red plaid with grey on the back.  It had a braid around the edge which was grey.  I remember wearing it to school over pants - a real luxury as we were not allowed to wear pants to school - guess I am showing my age!

After much working on memory and writing I also remember a taffeta dress with black bottom and brocade on the top.  i remember the feeling of the brocade but not the colour - odd I think.  I bought a dress for my 3 year old granddaughter that had a taffeta skirt and brocaded top this year.  It just seemed like the right thing to do (and she loves it) but now I wonder if the forgotten dress memory had anything to do with it!

I have had a hard time writing but each day it is becoming easier.