Judy C.


I held my nose close to the sweet musty smell of my soft cuddly lamb-y.  I loved this little squeezable cuddly animal the most and almost would go nowhere without her.  She was bumpy and lumpy on the outside and the inside had fullness and fluff upableness in some places and not in others. I could rub her against my face while I closed my eyes to the world.  I snuggled her into my chin and next to my nose so I could smell and feel her all at the same time.  She was mine and part of me and I loved lamb-y dearly.  I still do when I think of her softness and tender love.  I could hide her with me in bed to scare away the monsters that lurked under my bed.  I could tuck her into the pillow with me so I could smell the richness of her and me together.  Other people thought she was dirty but I never did.  She needed to have that beautiful smell, the richness of humanness around her whole form.  I loved the snug-ability of her and she never expected anything of me.  I could set her on my bed whenever I left the room and I would always surround her with love from all of her friends, all of the other stuffed animals. I had to keep her safe and let her know how special she was to me. She was truly my favorite. I called her love-y.

I wonder what ever happened to love-y.