Rayne V.

This is my second attempt at this assignment.  My first writing about a piece of fabric sounds distant and detached so I am going to write a vivid memory about a favorite color combination.

My grade school class was making a flower magnet for Mother’s Day.  There was a styrofoam half sphere covered with gold glitter on the dome and a magnet on the back.  There were green pipe cleaners that we bent and shaped into a leaf and stem on the bottom.  Then we had our choice of more pipe cleaners in two colors to shape into flower petals.  We had to bend the pipe cleaners in half and stick the ends in the styrofoam gold center.

I didn’t tell my mom what I was making when I asked her what her favorite colors were.  When it was my turn to pick flower petals I chose dark green and dark pink pipe cleaners.  I alternated pink and green flower petals around the gold half sphere.  When I stepped back and saw all the flowers my classmates made I had a moment of panic because mine looked different and thought maybe I did something wrong.  No one else used the green leaf and stem color in the flower petals.  All the flowers had pretty pastel pink and blue petals like spring flowers.  I looked back at my flower without looking at all the others.  I saw the beauty of it and became calm.  I saw the green pink and gold and knew it was the perfect flower for me.  That color combination still makes my heart smile. It doesn’t matter if I see a heart chakra mandala or a cactus flower blooming on the gold sand.

The picture is a small plastic flower that came off my daughter's cupcake from the bakery. I asked her if I could put it on the fridge since it looked like something I made for my mom a long time ago.