Sara N.

Thoughts on my first memory of textiles.   When I was young, in the early 60's, most of my clothes were sewn by an elderly relative and I have very fond memories this.  Often when my mother would acquire clothes for us they would be brown, and would be for my eldest sister, handed down through to me last.  Brown because it was neutral, didn't get dirty etc.  Money was very short, and practicality was a priority.

But I did have a purchased machine knitted pleated skirt which was navy blue, and had two tops which were sewn to match and therefore make an outfit.  The entire outfit was new and just for me.   The tops were sleeveless, a bit blousy and were synthetic which I remember thinking was exciting as it was slippery and felt (at that time) luxurious! One top was navy blue background with small white flowers, the other top was lime green with small white flowers.  I have never forgotten those outfits.

My first personal textile memory was a sewing class in my first year of high school.  In thirdtermwe made a sleeveless shift dress.  The fabric my mother acquired was in fact curtain material, a course cotton with a floral pattern, but I did not like it and never finished the dress, and so never wore it.  I imagine, due to finances, somebody may have even given it to my mother.  It was so disappointing for me, although I never said so.

Moving on forty to fifty years and I only really like to wear natural fibres, would rarely purchase or sew with synthetic, and love to sew.  As our knowledge, values and insights change with time, the stages of life,  what we once loved we now avoid.   That is life.