Ann B.

A favorite garment was my First Communion dress. I grew up in the 60’s in a large Catholic family. We went to Catholic school and so wore uniforms.  Clothing was utilitarian.  There was no excess, no luxury except for the dresses my mother sewed for Christmas and Easter for the 6 girls in the family.  And that was fine.  I don’t recall feeling a need or want for anything special.  But I still remember any of the clothes that I had a kid that were out of the ordinary, to be sure.

Then, I turned 6 and went through the process of receiving my first communion.  This was a very big deal in my family and neighborhood.  There was extra attention thrown my way and a party and some gifts.  But I treasure that dress.  That beautiful, perfect white dress!  It transformed me.  It made me feel different and it changed how I looked at my clothing from then on. I felt beautiful, like a princess.  That was very big in those days.  And I bought into it all.

The dress was a sheer white over a white plain underdress.  It was a full skirt with full gathered short sleeves.  It had a long sash that tied behind me.  Oh, I remember those details!  The fine lace that was peeking out from the collar and cuffs and the piping that ran along the sash and hem.  It was so special.  I can recall how that fabric felt to the touch, the sound of the swish of the layers of the dress with the petty coat.

Thanks for asking me to write this.  It is such a great memory and I feel fantastic right now.