Table of Contents

Table Of Contents—PDF

Reflections and Conversation

  • Jane & Zenna's Reflections—PDF

    • Conversation—Video


Cross Training: Flexing Your Creative Muscles

  • Writing: Making and Taking Time—PDF

    • Self-Care Assessment—PDF

    • Self-Care Wheel—PDF

  • Making: Mono-printing Introduction & Basics—PDF

    • Printing With A Gelatin Plate—PDF

      • Video Tutorials
        • Introduction To Mono-printing
        • Making A Gelatin Plate
        • Mono-printing Basics

Creative Core: Honoring Your Physical Self

  • The Criticizer, Criticized and the Compassionate Observer—PDF
  • Creative Eats: Coffee or Lemon Gelatin Squares—Recipe & Video

Take Heart: Creativity & Community

  • Developing Your Creative Eye: Shape—PDF