Sara N.

Hi.   My name is Sara.

When I first read Jane's book, Creative Strength Training, I was enthralled.  So many things made sense to me.  I consider myself to have been a 'maker' for most of my life, sewing, spinning, knitting, etc, and thirty years ago I was very productive!  And didn't really think about it.  Since then my family have grown, I had a career change, lots of study, and my creative side became just dreams and ideas.  I worry, procrastinate, dream, collect ideas.....  but I seem to lack the courage and process management to have a real go at these ideas.   I am in a 'vague' spot in this whole area at the moment.

I did start to work through the exercises in the book, but when I realised there was an online class I thought this would be the ultimate for me!

I admire greatly the textile work and design process of Marcy and Katherine Tilton, Lois and Dianne Ericcson, to name a few.  And yet I lack the confidence to wear these fashions.   And I equally enjoy the concept of slow stitching and more ethical considerations in my projects.

My phrase for 2017 is 'just do it', so I am confident this course will be the springboard so I can understand myself better in this regard and start to really do what I dream about, and take it that next step.