Helen B.

Hi, I have always been a sewer and like most people started off making my own cloths, children's clothes and doing patchwork.  My love of patchwork and a lack of a place to by contemporary fabrics in my country area ( I live in Victoria, Australia 4 hrs east of Melbourne) led to me opening a patchwork shop which I owned for 4 years.  During this time I made some lovely friends and we decided to start a fibre arts group in our area, we had Quilting Arts as our inspiration and guide to all sorts of exciting things. The group is still going strong with a membership of 40 and will be celebrating its 10th anniversary next year.

The following year after the shop closed our fibre arts group ran an arts programme through a state funding body with an artist in residence as our mentor, we had many tutors from weavers, felters and printmakers culminating in a group exhibition.  When this finished I felt a bit flat so I decided to do a Diploma of Visual Art followed by and Advanced Diploma.  That was it I had been bitten by the bug!!! Since then I have become a printmaker mainly using lino cut and am a regular at Ballarat Fibre Arts forums.  I have exhibited in Melbourne 3 times and have my work in both private and public collections.

The thing is I suffer from a lack of direction when it comes to a subject, I procrastinate to the point of ridiculous and stress that I won’t meet deadlines because of it.  Through the next 10 weeks I am hoping to have some clarity and direction to resolve some of these issues.  I have janes book and having read it from cover to cover so the course was a no brainer, I am very excited about starting and look forward to what is to come.