Susan L.

Hi all.

My name is Susan Lazear and I live is the San Diego area of California. I wear many hats in my work and creative life. I am a college Professor (Fashion), and I own a software business that develops software for the textile arts. I also love to create when I can manage it, and lately, that seems to have slid away. I do various textile arts (sewing, knitting, etc.) and I’ve started to dabble in some ‘art art’ as well, particularly mixed media. I also love to write and have published some. Music is part of my life as well, and I dabble in a bit of writing coffee house sounds, and currently am learning how to play the accordion (you may laugh).

So, as you might guess, I do a lot of things, but not necessarily to the level I wish I could. Attention span is a challenge. The Italian word for focus is ‘fuoco’. It’s also the word for fire.  I need a little of both in my life.

I’m taking this course for a variety of reasons. The primary reason is to spur on my creativity in my business. I need to work on new items, and ideas, and reinvigorate myself as well as my assistants.

I can take the prize for being the ‘slow’ one in posting here. Apologies., but I had a New York trip for a week, and actually did focus there… on New York.

I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone here.