Rayne V.

Hi! My name is Rayne and I work as a substitute elementary teacher for Pittsburgh.  I have played with a few art forms and crafts over the years.

The best times in life are when I see Art all around me or when I'm inspired to create something for a friend.  That has not happened in a long time.  I don't see poems and paintings anymore as much as my laundry list of work to do.  I don't listen to people as much as I want to hide away from family and friends and the jobs they need me to do.

I'm here because I miss the joy and fun that came from that flow of creativity.  I know it's all there but I need help finding it.

I was rereading a favorite book and came across my new favorite words I say in my head.  It talked about seeking a newer world and to "Seek it no longer.  Now, call it forth."  There is hope in the words "call it forth" and I like the idea to stop seeking and call upon what is already there.