Judy C.


I have been in my own business as an Occupational Therapist for over 20 years.  I find that it allows me some creativity in terms of helping others adapt their challenges of life to live basic day to day life.

For myself, while there is certainly gratification in what I do I find myself frustrated with finding me in creativity.  I have dabbled in all kinds of areas of art, from writing, to life drawing, to knitting, to crochet, to felting, to natural dying of yarn and fabric but I just keep wandering and never feel like I actually create anything.  I make various scarves or afghans and I just love learning about natural dyes using lichen and mushrooms and indigo (my favorites).  I even had my son help me make a vertical loom, rather large, with the idea to do some kind of community weaving but never have actually done it.

I find myself frustrated with myself because I think there is something deeper in me that I just can’t or don’t reach so then I stop.  I don’t consider myself an artist because I just dabble about.

I’m hoping this course will help me figure out how to use the missing pieces.