Table of Contents

The Big Picture: Reflection & Conversation

  • The Victim: Power Struggles and Healthy BoundariesPDF
  • Conversation—Video
  • The Committee, Carol Wiebe—PDF

Cross-Training: Flexing Your Creative Muscles

  • Writing: Working with Your Victim Archetype—PDF
  • Making: Masks—PDF and Videos:
    • Masks And Meaning
    • Masks: Ideas and Explorations
    • Mask Template—PDF
  • Artists of the Month: Contemporary Mask Artists—Video
    • Cyndy Salisbury Artist Statement—PDF
    • Artist Links

Creative Core: Honoring Your Physical Self

  • Mindfulness Meditation and Trauma: Proceed with Caution, By: Manuel A. Manotas, PsyDPDF
  • Recipe: Arugula Salad With Fried EggPDF, Video

Take Heart: Creativity & Community

  • Developing Your Creative Eye: ReflectionsPDF

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The Big Picture:

Conversation & Reflection


Flexing Your Creative Muscles 

Artists of the Month: Contemporary Mask Artists


•   The Art of The Mask—Cyndy Salisbury's Etsy Shop

•   Lucien Shapiro


Mask Examples


Creative Core:

Honoring Your Physical Self

Recipe of the Month: 

Arugula Salad With Fried Egg


Take Heart:

Creativity & Community

Creative Eye Challenge: Mosaics