Table of Contents

The Big Picture: Reflection & Conversation 

  • Introducing The Child Archetype—PDF

  • Conversation—Video

Cross-Training: Flexing Your Creative Muscles

  • Writing: Taking Inventory, Centering and Setting Intentions—PDF

  • Making: Assemblage—PDF & Video

  • Artist of the Month: Joseph Cornell—Video

  • Ideas Are Like Stars, Mary Chapin Carpenter—Audio and Lyrics

  • Additional Assemblage Artists To ExplorePDF

Creative Core: Honoring Your Physical Self

  • Play & Joyful Movement—PDF

  • Recipe: Muffin Tin Spanakopita—PDF, Video

Take Heart: Creativity & Community

  • Developing Your Creative Eye: Assemblage—PDF

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The Big Picture:

Conversation & Reflection


Flexing Your Creative Muscles 

Artist of the Month: Joseph Cornell

From Jane's Studio: Examples of Assemblage

Creative Core:

Honoring Your Physical Self

Recipe Of The Month: Muffin Tin Spanakopita

Take Heart:

Creativity & Community

Creative Eye Challenge: Assemblage All Around Us