Each week in February, complete a challenge related to the Cornerstone Of The Week!

For those of you enrolled in CST 2019, this is an excellent chance to get your creative juices flowing—and for those not joining us this year, take this opportunity to build your own creative community and connect with your creative self.


Week Two: Community
February 15-21


1. If you haven't had a chance to watch the third video on Community, watch it here. 

 Write your own "community wanted" ad, or a few!

3. Share a photo or a few words on Facebook, Instagram, or in our Creative Strength Collective Facebook group (Free to join here!) with the hashtags #creativitycornerstones and #community to be entered in our drawing for an Amazon gift card.



Complete all four weeks and be entered to win a free year of CST!!



Challenges Announced In My Newsletter!

Week One: Curiosity
February 1-8

Week Three: Clarity
February 9-14

Week Four: Confidence
February 22-28