Albers, Josef. Interaction of Color. Pocket edition published in 1975. Yale University Press.

Recently released as a 50th anniversary edition. this influential book is still valuable.

Birren, Faber. Principles of Color: A review of Past Traditions and Modern Theories of ColoR Harmony.

The best known color theorist and consultant of that time, Faber Birren wrote extensively on color and was the editor of the series on color, of which this is one volume, published by Van Nostrand Reinhold in the late 1960’s.

Birren, Faber. Creative Color: A dynamic approach for artists and designers.

A precursor to the series mentioned above, this was considered an original and inventive exploration of color, by the greatest master of the time.

Edwards, Betty. Color: A course in mastering the art of mixing colors. 2004. Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin Group USA.

Graves, Maitland, Color Fundamentals. McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc. 1952.

A great guide to the physiology of color, in addition to in depth explorations of various color theories.

The Art of Color and Design.

Similar material, covered in depth and with a bent toward science and research.

Hornung; David. Color: A Workshop for Artists and Designers. Second edition printed in 2012 by Laurence King Publishing.

Munsell, Albert. A Grammar of Color.

Part of a series on color theories published by Van Nostrand Reinhold in the ’60’s. Munsell’s notation system was used worldwide and he was at one time considered the most eminent color theorist.

Ostwald, Wilhelm. The Color Primer.

Part of a series on color theories published by Van Nostrand Reinhold in the ’60’s, Ostwald wrote extensively about color.