Carol W. H.

It has been fun, if somewhat challenging to do these value scales and I’m learning all the time!    So far I have done the grey scale and a value scale for each of the colours round the colour wheel - see photos below.   Some colours work better than others…   All of them have been done with the same proportions of dyes so it’s interesting to see the variations.     I haven’t done the value scales for each colour into black yet because I need to mix up more dye, but I’m about to do that now.  I know the Procion MX black isn’t a pure dye so I don’t know how useful those scales will be but will give them a try.

I’ve had trouble mixing a green that’s the same colour as the colour chip.   I’ve added a photo below where I’ve used Emerald Green dye (which is a mix) which comes up closer to the colour chip.   I wasn’t sure about using it because it’s not a pure dye, but then neither is the red so perhaps it’s all right.   But then the blue-green and yellow-green would need to be mixed with the Emerald as well I think.    I’d be interested to hear your thoughts Jane.