Carol W. H.

My name is Carol Hall.   I spend my time between London, England and a small village in the South of France.

Among other things, I have worked in publishing, the theatre, for a writer on a lecture tour in the United States, for a film director in New York and then in an animation studio in London, where I met my husband, and we finally set up our own animation studio.

My love of textiles began as early as I can remember and has continued throughout my life.   I have always made time to take textile related courses, culminating with three inspirational ones with Nancy Crow which motivated me to do a textile design degree at Central St Martins college in London where I specialised in weave.   So finally I became a weaver and I love being part of the long line of weavers that began thousands of years ago.

Last year I did the wonderful Creative Strength Training online course with Jane and since that finished I have begun working on a new series of weavings using colour gradations.   I also did the Colour Course last year and am now doing it a second time around because there is so much to learn.   I have always loved working with colour and am really looking forward to this course for the second time and extending my knowledge of how colours work and interact.