On The Road Again

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The life of an itinerant workshop teacher is never dull! It requires months of advance planning to ensure all universes align, but when they do there’s no better place to be.

Picture yourself in a classroom two blocks from the ocean, or minutes from a major art museum. It can happen! Come along with me on a virtual journey to all of the neat places I’ll be teaching this summer! 

And take note:

This trip doesn’t have to be virtual. You can actually join me in any one of these locations for a week. I promise you’ll savor the good time we’ll have and return to your home studio changed and energized because of the things you’ve learned and the friends you’ve made. Not to mention the sights you’ll see!

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In May, our first stop will be at my place in San Antonio. I’ll be teaching The Best of Both Worlds – a class that wraps up leaves and flowers in watercolor paper and steams them along with an assortment of ephemera, resulting in delicate, astonishing prints that can be treasured just as they are, or collaged and combined into other art forms. We spend a lot of time sitting outdoors on the screened porch. We eat a little Mexican food, well, maybe more than a little. But the focus is on the hundreds of plant and flower botanical prints we’ll be stockpiling to take home. Learn more.

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In June, we’ll hop in the car on Friday morning and by Sunday evening we’ll be parking in front of the Columbus College of Art and Design (in Ohio, that is) so that we can unpack for the Quilt/Surface Design Symposium, always held there at the beginning of June. We’ll see old friends who’ve come to QSDS for years, and run into some of the best teachers in the country. I’ll introduce you to everybody and it will be a blast! 

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I’m teaching my Best of Both Worlds: A New Approach to Botanical Printing there, and although it will be a lot like the class in San Antonio, all the flora and fauna will be different! That’s one thing I love about workshops on the road. Each place is distinctive and different from the others! 

And if you can’t join me until later in the week, you can still get in on the two days I’m teaching on Creative Strength Training. It’s a MUST for anyone who wants to learn to protect their time for creating, while strengthening those creative muscles. There are all kinds of exercises that help and I know most of them. Let’s get our creative game on so we can raise energy that will fuel the rest of the year! Learn more.

And did I mention the vendors, the city with all of its wonderful nooks and crannies and a fabulous art museum? Don’t worry. We won’t be bored!

Madeline Island School for the Arts

Madeline Island School for the Arts

I take a little breather driving back to San Antonio after QSDS. But I love a solid contemplative drive so in July, I hope you’ll hop back in the car so we can blast off to somewhere I’ve never been! Madeline Island School for the Arts. Madeline Island is the largest of 22 islands in Lake Superior. Isn’t that spectacular? We’ll take the ferry to get there. I can already feel the breeze on our faces. I’ll be teaching the Best of Both Worlds: A New Approach to Botanical Printing again, but being in a new region– with new plants and flowers to choose from– will be exciting. There will be writers and other artists teaching workshops too, so the environment will be crackling with creative energy. And the home cooked meals are supposed to be phenomenal. Are you with me? I hope you’re getting out your calendar right now!

The Pacific Northwest Art School in Coupeville

The Pacific Northwest Art School in Coupeville

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It might be August, but there’s still some summer left, and there’s no place I’d rather be in August than on Whidbey Island, north of Seattle. The Pacific Northwest Art School in Coupeville is an outstanding place to take workshops and I’m thrilled to go there almost every year. The first place I head is into the village for some Penn Cove mussels. But then we’ve got to get set up for the workshop. Learn more.

Botanical printing is so popular right now– the connection to nature and the astonishing colors of the leaf and flower prints is seductive! So I’ll be teaching it again on the West Coast and it sold out last time, so get your reservation made now. I’d hate for you to miss out on the fun and learning. And the gorgeous sunsets over the Pacific Ocean. 

That describes the highlights of my summer. I hope your planning can include a visit to one of these stellar events. Who knows? Working with the gifts of Nature and learning about botanical printing could infuse your art practice with a whole new energy. Questions about venues or the course itself? Please write to me! I always enjoy talking about my workshops.