Guest Blog: Emily Graham—A Happy, Hoppy Easter Without the Mess Is Possible With These Kid-Friendly Crafts

I am always looking for ways to include creativity in daily life, so when writer, Emily Graham, reached out and wanted to share a fun tutorial with our audience—I was pleased. A mother herself, Emily finds ways to interact with her children creatively every day. We think she's found great strategies for kids, grandkids and adults alike–and ideas to celebrate Spring no matter where you are or what your spiritual practice.

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Crafting is as much a part of Easter as chocolate and egg hunts. Kids cannot get enough of them, but parents often worry about the mess pastel paints and dyes can leave behind. Here are some egg-cellent tips on how you can embrace arts and crafts that won’t leave you with another round of spring cleaning afterward.

Option 1: Avoid paints, stains and dyes altogether

Easily spillable paints and bottles of glue are a primary source of kid messes, so the easiest solution is to avoid them altogether. Come up with a craft that uses construction paper, foam pieces or stickers instead of breakable eggs and liquids. The Inspired Home recommends making handprint sheep using construction paper, glue sticks and cotton balls, or creating an Easter-themed coloring book featuring eggs, flowers and other spring items. 

Taking a low- to no-mess route is an especially good option for parents of toddlers or younger children. You will still have to tidy up afterward -- after all, they wouldn’t be kids unless there was some kind of mess left in their wake -- but the likelihood of something being stained forever is eliminated.

Option 2: Use egg-cellent hacks for colored eggs

Avoiding messy materials altogether may be the most effective way to stay clean while crafting, but for some, it’s just not Easter without dyeing eggs. Luckily, there are things you can do to minimize a mess without sacrificing fun or traditional Easter crafts.

First, create a dedicated space for your arts and crafts activities. Consider putting together a hobby or craft room for your kids. If you don’t have an entire room to dedicate, even assigning a specific corner or hobby table can help contain the mess. If the weather is pleasant, consider setting up shop in your backyard or garage. Wherever you set up, be sure to place a large plastic tablecloth down so you can easily scoop up the entire mess and toss it out at the end of the day.

Next, reduce clean-up time by using as few materials as possible. Business Insider suggests putting your various colored dyes in a muffin tin to save yourself from having a dozen different bowls. The individual muffin cups will also keep the amount of dye sitting on your table to a minimum.

Bonus Tip! Want a richer color on your eggs? Consider using brown eggs instead of white ones. The darker shell will give a deeper color once you paint or dye the eggs and make your creations stand out.

One of the things that makes egg dyeing so messy is that children typically use their hands, which means the dye gets all over them -- and inevitably over anything they touch. You can avoid this by placing the hard-boiled eggs into a metal whisk and using it to dip the eggs into the various colors.

Alternatively, if you want to avoid dyes and paints altogether, consider using colored chalk or permanent markers to decorate the eggs instead of paints. With this route, stress creating patterns or drawing abilities over colors. It will push your children to be even more creative than they might be if they were focused on dipping the eggs.

Option 3: Embrace paints, but avoid the eggs

Splitting the difference is also an option. If you want pastel colors but not the awkward shapes of eggs, consider doing an Easter-themed paint project. Paint an outline of a bunny or flower, for example. The flat surface reduces much of the mess but will still allow you get into the spring spirit. If you want something three dimensional, consider swapping eggs out for birdhouses or boxes that are easier to handle.

Whatever your comfort level with cleanliness is, you can spring into action and have family-friendly crafting fun this Easter.

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