Stencil Play Day

I was excited when I got my stencils from StencilGirl. I’ve loved expanded square designs for years, but to see them transformed into stencils was a little surreal. I was excited, but then I was slightly intimidated. I usually cut my own designs, so how were these going to be different?

I cleared a weekday so I’d have plenty of time to fool around. Playing without a plan is a good way to start anything new, and that was my goal. Little did I know that at the end of Day One I’d be brimming with ideas– and ready to engage the help of my husband, Wayne. (He’s way more capable of being careful and meticulous than I am!) So we got the best of both worlds. (a little messy and a little clean) So can you. Muck around awhile and then zero-on on details, if that’s what’s in order.


I used Prochemical and Dye textile paints, because I love them and have lots of colors. I also used tube acrylics and both worked fine. If I was going to make something where the drape of the cloth was important, I would stick to textile paint, but for the projects we dreamed up, drape didn’t matter.

I also found out, through trial and error, that although I usually think a classic stencil brush is the best tool for the job, I preferred a roller for many of the projects I completed. Maybe it was because my designs have a lot of open space, and the roller covered smoothly and consistently. I used a 2” paint roller (meant to be used on walls) with a fluffy sort of surface, and also a smooth, rubbery one. Both from the big box store.

I poured paint onto an old plastic plate and used it as the palette. It accommodated the rollers and worked perfectly, without having the waste of using paper every time.

Once I got set up, it was fun to go back and forth. My mind was jazzed with ideas. I did some art work - printing onto a gelatin plate and then taking the mono-print from the plate. I expect to do more of this, as I want to make samples for the online course we’re running this year.

But I was totally hooked on seeing where the designs could be used to enhance pillows, as well as other home dec applications.

I printed on fabric that had already been dye-printed, and it made a neat pillow top. I did this a couple different ways, in different palettes.

BTW, I printed on flat cloth and then cut the cloth to fit a pillow I already had, and stitched it by hand to the front. Great way to update without spending money on new stuff.

We did the patio furniture. Nice to personalize! At that point we almost stenciled each other. It was addictive.

Next I found a cork mat at the Dollar Store. It’s perfect for spoons and paraphernalia related to making coffee and tea.

I loved everything I did, but I have to admit, the tall glass vase is probably my favorite. Wayne did this one using a spray glass paint that looks like frosted glass. You can also use the chemical that etches glass, since the stencils aren’t damaged by it, but we had the paint already, so we went that direction. With the floating candle in it after dark, this is romantic and perfect for the porch.

I’m delighted that StencilGirl makes sets of stencils available to artists for promotional purposes. I hope you’ll leave a comment,  and enter yourself in the drawing to receive a set of my stencil designs. Thanks and good luck!!

Winner announced June 1st!